Products - Bi Axial Geogrid

PT. Petra Nusa Elshada | Geosynthetic Solution

Product Description

Geogrid are specially designed to provide a quick, long-term solution to stabilizing ad strengthening roads and worksites, and reducing the thickness of aggregate base layers.

Biaxial Geogrid confine stone and soil particles to prevent lateral shearing. vehicular and equipment loads are spread over a much broader surface area, reducing the pressure applied to subgrade.

- Paved and unpaved roads stabilisation
- Railroads and airpors runways
- Superficial structural foundations
- Foundations of roads, embankments and earth dams
- Permanent and semi-permanent loads spread over large areas

Product Details

  • Type: Polypropylene
  • Width: 4m
  • Length: 50m; 75m; 100m