Products - HDPE & LDPE Geomembrane

PT. Petra Nusa Elshada | Geosynthetic Solution

Product Description

Geomembranes are the most widely used products for solid waste containment (such as landfill liners), mining and water containment application.

HDPE is the most chemically resistant member of the polythylene family, it is the most commonly used membrane for containment structures in various application. It offer great ultraviolet protection and ageing resistance from the intense stresses of weather.

LDPE is mainly used where long-term large settlements are anticipated such as a landfill covers. The main attribute of LLDPE making it more and more popular is its high flexibility allowing the liner to drape around any protrusions and imperfections of the existing terrain much better than with the stiffer HDPE geomembrane.

Complementary Product :
WELDING ROD Geomembrane field installation is performed by certified technicians and constitutes a crucial step in ensuring optimal system performance.

HDPE - LDPE Geomembrane Application :
-Water / Waste Water Containment
-Floating Cover / Biogas Cover
-Landfill Project
-Fish / Shrimp / Salt Pond Liner
-Artificial Lake / Pond Liner
-Ash / Coal Pond / Mud Pit
-Oil & Gas and Mining Sector

Product Details

  • Thickness:
    0.30mm; 0.50mm; 0.75mm; 1.00mm;
    1.50mm; 2.00mm; 2.50mm; 3.00mm.
  • Width: 8m; 7m; 6m; 4m; customize.
  • Weight: -/+ 1500kg/Roll.