Products - HDPE Pipe

PT. Petra Nusa Elshada | Geosynthetic Solution

Product Description

HDPE PIPE is a pipes made by high-density polyethylene material so that the resulting type of pipe that can withstand higher compressive power. Characteristics of HDPE pipe is strong, pliable / flexible and resistant to chemicals makes this product has a growing appeal. There is various sizes and specifications of HDPE pipes.

- Drinking Water Transport.
- Liquid Gas Transport.
- Hot Water Distribution.
- Underground Cable Protection.

Product Details

  • Spec. : PE100, PE80
  • Char. : elastics; rigid pipe wall; smooth surface.
  • Color: Black
  • Length:
    5,8m; 6m; 100m; 200m; OD 20-63mm pipes are able to be rolled
  • Connection:
    Compression Fittings; Butt-weld method; Electrofusion method.