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PT. Petra Nusa Elshada | Geosynthetic Solution

Product Description

Manual - Hydroulic Butt Fusion Welding Machine
- Consists of basic frame, planing tool, heating plate and support for planing tool and heating plate.

- Removable PTFE coated heating plate with separate temperature control system and electric planing tool.

- Be made of lightweight and high strength material, simple structure, small and delicate, user friendly.

- Suitable for welding of plastic pipes and/or fittings made of PE, PP and PVDF can be operated in any complex work condition.

Product Details

  • Type: Manual / Hydroulic
  • Range: 50mm-160mm; 63mm-200mm; 90-315mm
  • Weight: 36 - 50kg for Manual / 110 - 200kg for Hydraoulic