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PT. Petra Nusa Elshada | Geosynthetic Solution

Product Description

Virotex - Geotextile Woven cost effective and offer considerable performance benefits in subbase layers and in the construction of step slopes. Woven Geotextile made PP (Polypropylene) slit film.

They are made from high tensile PP slit film ensuring high strengh and low elongation with maximum durability. The material is high tensile strengh, high permeability, ease of installation and excellent survivabilty during installation as well as cost friendly to meet construction budget

Applications for Geotextile Woven :
Road & construction works
Virotex used for road layer reinforcement and as a separator between ground layer with the embankment material layer to stabilize the road construction

Earth structure reinforcement
Virotex used as a main component to providde a great reinforcement for earth structure hold to prevent a landslide soil.

Soft Soil Embankment
Virotex also can be used between soft soil layer and embankment material to give a embankment material a reinforcement to retain load force.

Soil Container
Virotex also can be fabricated to a soil container and applicated for shore protection, embankment to prevent the erotion and landslide.

Shore Protection
Virotex also can be used for a shore protection to prevent the shore from erosion

Product Details

  • Mass: 150; 200; 250(gsm)
  • Width: 4m
  • Length: 200m; 150m.
  • Weight: 100-150(kg)
  • Tensile: 25-48(kN/m)